Suggested trips - VISEU

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The City

Viseu is a pleasant Portuguese city. Like Aveiro, it is a medium-sized city where life is fluid and easy for its inhabitants. It has an interesting Art Museum  (Museu Grão Vasco) as well as several parks and restaurants where you can enjoy the gastronomy of the interior of the country.

S. Pedro do Sul

Surrounded by mountains and beautiful landscapes of Serra da Arada and S. Macário, and also Vouga’s River Valley, S. Pedro do Sul is one of the most pleasant destinations for mixing with nature.


Vouzela managed to preserve its traditions, mainly rural and ethnographic, specially its linen fabrics, regional bedspreads or numerous pieces of basketmaking.

In terms of gastronomy, there is much to know and delight throughout the region, such as the famous Vitela de Lafões or the Pastéis de Vouzela.


Caramulo is the name of a mountain where it is possible to have nice hikes. On the top of the mountain there are two museums, one is an Art Museum and the other is the Museum of the Old Automobile. The village has several restaurants and a hotel where you can have a good meal.