Suggested trips - COIMBRA

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Universidade de Coimbra

Located at the top of the city and overlooking Mondego River, the University is a complex building around a central courtyard where certain elements are distinguished by their artistic interest and symbolism.

It was founded in 1290 and it is classified as a World Heritage.

Monastery of Santa Ana

It invites you to (re) discover more about the history of this city as well as one of the most beloved characters in Portuguese History: Queen Santa Isabel, Princess of Aragão

Portugal dos Pequenitos

This theme park is entirely dedicated to children and was built in 1940.

There are several miniatures of monuments of our architectural heritage and characteristic types of Portuguese houses.

Bussaco and Luso
Luso (The Baths) and Bussaco

Luso is a spa of our best natural spring water, with several restaurants and hotels. One of them( Grande Hotel do Luso) has a very large swimming pool.

Bussaco mountain has a one century old forest where you have the possibility of making beautiful hikes. At the top of the hill there is a luxury hotel (Palace Hotel do Bussaco) dating back to the early 20th century.


It is one of the richest archaeological sites in Portugal.

Conimbriga was originally a Celtic Castro from the Conii tribe of the late Iron Age. By 139 BC the city reached its splendor while it was occupied by the Romans under Emperor Augustus, II AD.