Suggested trips - AVEIRO and RIA

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AVEIRO North Region

Santa Maria da Feira

It is a city with a medieval castle that became very important because of the intersection of Roman roads at the time of the presence of the Roman Empire.

Castelo de Santa Maria da Feira

There is a medieval festival in the castle grounds every year.

“Medieval Journey to the Lands of Santa Maria”

Passadiços do Paiva

A trail of more than ten kilometers surrounded by nature begins here.

The world’s longest suspension pedestrian bridge awaits you:

You should book tickets online in advance.


Village with its monastery

Recommended restaurants:

  • Parlamento
  • Alto da Estada
Arouca Geopark – Serra de Freita

Crossing its paths means finding the history of these areas, such as a tomb monument called Mamoa da Portela da Anta, small villages that fit the landscape, a world’s unique natural phenomena the Pedras Parideiras and also beautiful scenery like Frecha da Mizarela.

AVEIRO - the City

The City

Between the sea and the lagoon, Aveiro is crossed by a network of canals, where boats known as moliceiro sail, which gives it a special atmosphere.

These boats, thin and colorful, were used to collect seaweed – the moliço – but today they are only used for sightseeing.

It is the capital of the district, it has good shopping areas and various supply centers, supermarkets, pharmacies and small traditional shops.

There is a great choice of restaurants and bars for all tastes.

  • A Nossa Casa
  • Legado da Ria
  • Telheiro

Also pastries where you can try the typical cakes- Ovos Moles

  • Ramos
  • Latina
  • Peixinho
  • Maria d’Apresentação
  • Rossio

We suggest possible tours:

  • On foot
  • By boat moliceiro through the central canals.
  • Small train or tuk-tuk
  • Using BUGA (free bikes)
  • Guided and personalized: visit the Aveiro Walking Tour website

Aveiro has several points of interest that you should not miss

  • Train Station (figurative tiles)
  • Ponte da Praça
  • Art Nouveau Buildings
  • Rossio
  • Beira Mar District and Fish Market
  • Vera Cruz Church
  • Jesus Museum and Chapel (linked to the museum)
  • Infante D. Pedro Park
  • Igreja das Barrocas
  • University
Passadiços de Aveiro


Opened in 2018, the Aveiro footbridges are a must-see destination for all nature lovers who visit the city of Aveiro.

Starting with the Sao Roque Canal near downtown and ending near the Vouga River in Vilarinho, the Passadiços de Aveiro cross marshes, small woods and pine forests, offering visitors stunning views on a real outdoor show – Ria de Aveiro with its particular flora and fauna.

Note – Don’t forget sunscreen during the summer months!



Estarreja is the center of the municipality, has a beautiful central square and a nice park next to the Antuã River.

There is a hospital, pharmacies, a gas station and large supply areas.


  Bio Ria courses (


Beyond the lagoon landscape with its footbridges, there is “Casa do Tear” where you can enjoy relaxing moments, a good snack and also visit a unique place of craftsmen’s tapestry work in the region.


Egas Moniz House Museum

Egas Moniz, winner of the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1949, wanted his house to be used as Museum and a School of Arts and Crafts. The house-museum recalls the studies that justified the award from the Stockholm Academy.


Between the sea and the lagoon, this is our usual beach since our grandparents’ childhood to the present day!

Here you can also see the old fishing way  ARTE XAVEGA

For a good meal, we recommend the restaurant “Avenida Praia”.

Dunes of S. Jacinto

It is a dunes natural reserve park located at the end of the peninsula, which stretches between Ovar and São Jacinto, with the Atlantic Ocean on the west side, and the northern branch of the Ria de Aveiro on the east.

Recommended restaurant

A peixaria



Beach with a lighthouse that is open to the public.


Costa Nova

The ex-libris of this beach are the “palheiros” – houses with vertical or horizontal lists, in a mixture of colors and joy.

It is one of the best Portuguese beaches for water sports, because besides the Atlantic coast, there is a branch of the Ria de Aveiro lagoon

Recommended restaurant: Dori, above the fish market (closed on Mondays).


Beach where the old fishing way ARTE XAVEGA is still being used.


Museu Marítimo de Ílhavo

Vista Alegre (VA)

Vista Alegre is a factory where the best Portuguese china has been made for more than two centuries.

Here you can visit the Museu da Porcelana (china museum) where you can see painters performing their art, a workshop with traditional pieces and the latest creations that have received important international awards.

There is also a small chapel, Bordalo Pinheiro ceramics shop and also an outlet of daily used products.

You will also find  a 5-star hotel with a restaurant and cafeteria.