Inspires to explore. A world where the bike lanes inspire us to explore.

Inspires to Navigate. A world where the recovery and maintenance of the moliceiros and nautical activities inspire us to navigate.

Inspires a walk. A world where the gangways allow a better use of a beach day and inspire us to walk.

Inspires to contemplate. A world where outdoor activities such as birdwatching, inspire us to contemplate.

Inspires dating. A world where the romantic and typical facades of barns of Costa Nova inspire us to date.

Inspires you to relax. A world where the pier provide the best delicacies of the region and inspire us to relax.

Inspires the Taste. A world where you can enjoy the most emblematic dishes of the region and that inspires us to savor.

Inspires the Feeling. As a whole, the Ria de Aveiro inspires the feeling.